Time Machine Cvr c123

Time Machine (2011)

Artist: Trouble No More | Released: Jun-2011 | Item #: R66-103

TNM is on a mission to blur the lines of roots music. They’ll take you to the harder edges of rock and roll, surf and the blues. All five musicians, are from the Los Angeles area and deeply influenced by the music of their neighborhoods. With Latin music, rock and roll, blues and R&B in their DNA.

TNM are held together by the rhythm section of drummer and percussionist, Hampton Flanagan along with the tight groove of bass guitarist, Steph Traino. They keep the ship sailing straight and steady. Mike Malone brings his own legacy and widely known bad-ass reputation as a wicked keyboard player, harmonica player and vocalist among many other talents.

Gerard Boisse can play any saxophone that you hand him and brings a sexy angry kinda funky style to the swampy, beatnik rock and roll that songwriter, Dale Peterson had envisioned. This is a rock guitar album with lots of sax and keys to keep it interesting.

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