DP3 at Cinema Bar 2017

Rhythm Lords

It all started in 1988 at a little dive in Los Angeles’ art district called Al’s Bar. It catered to artists, actors and musicians during the 1980s and 1990s. With graffiti art all over the walls and a clientele from punk rockers to business people hanging out after work for a beer, a game of pool and some tunes. (They had a great selection of blues, R&B, rock, punk and local bands on the jukebox) There was an open mic night on Thursdays called, No Talent Night and that’s where the Rhythm Lords first got started.

Formed by guitarist/singer/songwriter, Dale Peterson the Rhythm Lords mixed blues, rockabilly and country with the East L.A. sounds Dale grew up with. The band went on to record several releases on the Rebecca Records label: a self titled three-song demo/EP in 1990, a six-song EP, “Evil” in 1992 and two full length CDs “Happy Hour” 1994 and “Lone Wolf” 1996.

The Lords went through several member changes over the years. Starting with original bass player, Mike Castellano and Richard Dover on drums. Stephen Traino replacing Castellano on bass in 1989. Then Kip Dabbs came in to replace Dover on drums in 1992. Around 1993, Eric VonHerzen was brought in to fill out their sound with harmonica. This outfit would record and tour throughout the 1990s.

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