Rhythm Lords: The Early Days 1988-1992

Artist: Rhythm Lords | Released: Dec-2015 | Item #: R66-104

During the early days of the Rhythm Lords®, the band recorded two EPs. The first one titled, “Rhythm Lords” which contained three songs. The second EP recorded a year later was titled “Evil” and delivered six songs. Both EPs were issued on cassette only. Neither of these two EPs were ever released in digital format until now.

Plus, as a bonus – there are three songs here that were recorded during the sessions for “Evil” but were never finished or released until now.

The power of Richard Dover’s drums is a clear indication of what the Rhythm Lords® were all about during those days. Loud and Proud – the Rhythm Lords® carved out an audience from the depths of the LA Art scene calling Al’s Bar in downtown Los Angeles their home base for a short time.

Bassist, Steph Traino is in lock-step with Dover’s drums, the band creates a sound that borrows from the blues, surf, instrumental music, rockabilly all filtered through the influences of The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Los Lobos, The Blasters, The Doors, The Cruzados, Led Zeppelin and ZZ Top.

“It all comes out like heavy roots-rock,” says Peterson. “I like loud guitars, big drums and a bass guitar that drags the basement looking for the bottom.”

And as if this wasn’t enough, this CD release marks the first of a two-part celebration. As you are reading this, John Valenzuela (Root 66), Steph Traino and Dale Peterson are in production of a documentary of the Rhythm Lords® during those early days between 1988 when the band was formed to 1992 when Richard Dover left the band.

This CD was produced with love for the memory of our friend and drummer extraordinaire, Richard Dover (1958-2004)


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Time Machine Cvr c123

Time Machine (2011)

Artist: Trouble No More | Released: Jun-2011 | Item #: R66-103

TNM is on a mission to blur the lines of roots music. They’ll take you to the harder edges of rock and roll, surf and the blues. All five musicians, are from the Los Angeles area and deeply influenced by the music of their neighborhoods. With Latin music, rock and roll, blues and R&B in their DNA.

TNM are held together by the rhythm section of drummer and percussionist, Hampton Flanagan along with the tight groove of bass guitarist, Steph Traino. They keep the ship sailing straight and steady. Mike Malone brings his own legacy and widely known bad-ass reputation as a wicked keyboard player, harmonica player and vocalist among many other talents.

Gerard Boisse can play any saxophone that you hand him and brings a sexy angry kinda funky style to the swampy, beatnik rock and roll that songwriter, Dale Peterson had envisioned. This is a rock guitar album with lots of sax and keys to keep it interesting.

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Son of Harry (2007)

Artist: Dale Peterson | Released: Jun-2007 | Item #: R66-002

This is Dale Peterson’s second release for Root 66 recording company and his first collection of original songs since 1999’s “Full Circle”.

“Son of Harry” has a roots/rock vibe with some country and western thrown in for fun. All thirteen songs are originals written by Peterson including the biographical western, “California” to the swinging tongue-in-cheek of, “San Francisco Retreat”. There’s a house rocking original titled “On the Road Again” celebrating the many joys of life on the road. Plus there is an earth shaking instrumental called “Snake Pit”.

Dale has some very special guests on this release. They are some of Los Angeles’ finest musicians. People like John “Juke” Logan on piano, Chris Lawrence and Rick Shea on steel guitar and Steph Traino providing the bass guitar vibe. Jay Perris, Mike Molina and Dale Daniel share drum duties. While Jesus Cuevas plays the accordion and bass on “Riding the Rails”. Dan Janisch and Miguel Garcia sing back up and don’t forget the king of bluegrass, Cliff Wagner on fiddle. Special tracks to listen to are “California”, “I’m Losin’ You” and “Old Saddle Blanket”.

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Bandera (2005)

Artist: Dale Peterson | Released: Jun-2015 | Item #: R66-001

Released in 2005, “Bandera” is Dale Peterson’s first release for Root 66 recording company.

Peterson wanted to record the music that shaped his early life.

This CD is dedicated to the influence of his father, Harry Peterson, who was himself a working musician and published songwriter. This is music Dale remembers his father playing when he was just a boy.

All fifteen songs are classic country standards from the 1940s through the 1960s including, “I’ll Never Take You Back Again” written by Harry Peterson and recorded by Slim Whitman in the late 1950’s.

Dale wanted the production to have a classic sound and enlisted the help of Scott Lambert on stand-up bass and Jay Perris on drums. John Groover McDuffie sprinkles the magic dust with beautiful lap steel and pedal steel while Cliff Wagner brings the grit playing fiddle and singing some backup vocals. Dale Peterson sings, plays guitar and some percussion as well.

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Full Circle (1999)

Artist: Dale Peterson | Released: Jun-1999 | Item #: RR1004

After ten years with the Rhythm Lords®, guitarist, singer and songwriter, Dale Peterson was ready to record and release some original songs that he had been sitting on for over a decade. He decided that it was time to release, Full Circle. This is a collection of songs written during the days of the early Rhythm Lords®, but were unrecorded until now.

This album is a rocker with eleven tracks that leap out of the speakers like a cobra. There’s even a notice on the back cover that says,

“This recording was intended to be played at maximum volume”.

Rhythm Lords® bassist, Steph Traino keeps it rocking hard with original drummer for the Rhythm Lords® Richard Dover who splits drum duties with Carlos Hatem. Scott Lambert plays the stand-up bass on “Heart Full of Trouble” and keyboardist, Mike Thompson is featured on several tracks bringing the Hammond B3 vibe.

Much thanks and gratitude to our friend the late great, John “Juke” Logan on harmonica and back-up vocals.

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