Root 66 recording company is proud to present: “El Norte” c1989 Dale Peterson


From the CD: “Rhythm Lords – The Early Days (1988-1992)”

Roughly 25 years ago Rhythm Lords recorded and released 2 EPs,
“Rhythm Lords” (1990)
“Evil” (1992)
Both EPs were originally issued on cassette only!

Explosive drums from Richard Dover (RIP 2004)
Rock solid bass guitar provided by Steph Traino
With six-string and vocals delivered by Dale Peterson

This Los Angeles power-trio conjures up swampy surf tones, hard rockin’ blues and various forms of roots rock/Americana.

Re-mastered and
Released in digital format for the very first time

These ten performances are a prime example of where the
Rhythm Lords came from

Plus a bonus!
Three of these tracks were never finished or released
Until now!

This video of “El Norte” is a precursor to the upcoming documentary “Rhythm Lords – The Early Days (1988-1992)” which is still in production and will be a companion to the CD. Some of the featured footage in this video will be included in a compelling documentary of this legendary Los Angeles band in its early development.

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